You Won’t Regret Getting Kilim Rug Restoration Services

Getting kilim rug cleaning routinely is a good idea, as these rugs can get dirty eventually, even if you take care of them. But sometimes, rug cleaning is not going to be enough, and in such an instance rug restoration services are required as well. Rug restoration services need to be pursued before rug cleaning can commence, as restoring a rug while it's wet can be disastrous for a rug.
Our team has been specializing in rug restoration services since we first opened our doors years ago, and these days we are preferred by those who need rug restoration in Westchester. We have been a first-rate and sought after business for those who need kilim rug cleaning in Westchester too, but now our rug restoration services are just as popular.
If you want to restore your rug to its former glory, we’re the team to get in touch with. We can provide same-day restoration services, and none of our restoration services will break your bank. Your fine rugs will be back to you before you ever notice they’re gone.


Why Kilim Rug Recoloring Is Pursued

Kilim rugs boast vibrant colors and unique designs, which explains why they have been sought after for centuries. Modern kilim rugs are just as good as the old ones, but every kilim rug will fade with time. When your rug begins to lose the appeal it once had, don't be disheartened.
Just get a rug recoloring service from our experts. They've been performing this service for years, so you won’t have to worry about running dye or your rug’s design being screwed up. Our recoloring experts are meticulous and detailed, and they won't stop until your rug looks beautiful.

When Rug Reweaving Can Really Help

Owners of kilim rugs know that these require reweaving often, but these rugs aren’t the only rugs that require reweaving here and there. Oriental and Persian rugs require reweaving too, and rugs that have been damaged by moths can benefit from reweaving as well. A hand-woven rug can be rewoven too. If you ever need a first-rate rug reweaving service, get in touch with our experts. They can provide this service quickly and for not a lot of money.

You Won't Regret Getting Rug Binding From Our Team

Our rug binding service is often sought when a rug is on its last legs. Using either binding tape or a special sewing machine, we can bind your rug so it looks and feels great for many years. A binding service does not cost a lot of money, yet it can save you from getting an expensive rug replacement.

Get Rug Fringing From Our Trusted Experts

A rug’s fringe is arguably its most important part. This is like a rug’s backbone. Therefore, when this gets damaged, it's likely the rest of the rug will start to degrade. Don't let degradation be the reason you throw your rug out. Fringing will ensure your rug lasts you many more years, and our fringing service is one you’ll be able to swear by.